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Is it $15? Or is it $50? Tasting at Back Room Wines

Do you have a taste for expensive wine? Or are you a "cheap date?" Come to Back Room Wines' "Is It $15 or $50?" tasting and find out.

They will serve you three pairs of wine. Each pair is the same grape (we'll tell you what the grape is). In each pair, one costs about $15 and the other about $50. Can you tell which is which? Guess correctly all three times and win a prize. This is one of Back Room Wines' most popular tasting events. Come on in and play the game with them!

Note: Wines poured on sale for 10% discount during the tasting.


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Friday, 13 September, 2013


Location: Back Room Wines
1000 Main Street, #Shop 120
Napa, CA 94559

Phone: 707-226-1378
Website: Click to Visit

Event Contact Info:

Phone: 707-226-1378